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Final Adjustments with the MSP Screw Presenter


The video above provides a guide for making the final adjustments needed to operate the MSP screw presenter proficiently. These key adjustments help control the speed and efficiency of the screws being presented. The "best-practice" approach to ensure the screw presenter is functioning suitably for your assembly application is to operate the screw presenter with your screws a few times and conduct any fine-tuning adjustments as needed with the device.

Fine-Tuning the MSP Screw Presenter
The speed will determine how fast the rail guide fills up. Adjust this speed to match the speed of your operators, so he or she is not waiting for a new screw to present itself after one has been dispensed and removed by the operator for the fastening process.

The vibration adjustment affects the speed of the screw alignment. If you find screws are not aligning quickly enough or are vibrating out of the rail guide, an adjustment with the amount of vibration taking place may be needed.

The roller adjustment is for modifying the rail filling timer. It determines how many screws are left on the rail before it starts vibrating again.

Adjusting the height of the brush inside the device allows the unit to knock off screws that are not properly sitting in the rail guide but will allow those screws that are seated correctly to move along the rail guide smoothly.

If you require further technical support for making these adjustments, please contact our technical support staff and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

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