MSP619-35 Automation Screw Presenter

Item #: 144793

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The MSP619-35 automation screw presenter is ideal for robotic manufacturing applications. This simple machine operates i READ MORE


Item #:
Tool Weight:
5.5 lbs.
Tool Length:
Tool Width:
Tool Height:
Screw Head Diameter "D":
1.2 - 12
Screw Head Height "t":
0.2 - 6
Screw Length "L":
1.0 - 14
The MSP619-35 automation screw presenter is ideal for robotic manufacturing applications. This simple machine operates in combination with automation & robotic screw driving systems. The compact size allows easy installation. The cost-saving device makes the assembly process more efficient by mechanically presenting a screw to a fixed pick-up point. Optimize resources, cut labor costs and increase production capacity with automation equipment.

    Vacuum Power Tool Compatibility:

    • Equipped with a vacuum attachment, our screw presenter enables operators to pick up screws from the screw guide efficiently, enhancing productivity in cell or line-based assembly operations.

    Automatic Screw Dispensing:

    • Screws are poured into the hopper of the screw presenter, where they are automatically lined up for dispensing, ensuring a continuous workflow without interruptions.

    Jam-Free Operation:

    • Bid farewell to the frustrations of jammed or stuck screws. Our screw presenter boasts a simple yet effective mechanism that ensures trouble-free operation, keeping the assembly process smooth and uninterrupted.

    Smooth Screw Supply:

    • Adjustable vibration and speed settings enable the smooth supply of screws, ensuring precise and consistent assembly results.

    Cost-Effective Alternative:

    • Unlike cumbersome and expensive screw feeder systems, our screw presenter offers a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on performance.

    Fully Adjustable Models:

    • Our screw presenters are fully adjustable, accommodating a wide range of screw sizes without the need for additional rails. This flexibility saves both time and resources, enhancing overall efficiency.

    Magnetized Bit Compatibility:

    • With a magnetized bit, operators effortlessly pick up screws from the presenter screw guide, eliminating the need to fumble with screws stored in bins or shaker trays.

    Compact and Maintenance-Free:

    • Designed to fit seamlessly into any work environment, our compact system offers easy accessibility and virtually maintenance-free operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

    Screw Presenter Set-Up Service:

    • Mountz offers the service to set and adjust the screw presenter for the fasteners to be used with it the device for a service fee (item # 990050). You will need to ship 50 pieces of the fastener as a sample to our Alabama service center so the technician can adjust and set the screw presenter.
Screw Presenter requires the use of a vacuum attachment with the power tool. 

Need assistance with selecting a screw presenter for your fastening application? Download our selection guide and submit it with your request.