TBIH Break-Over Wrenches (Interchangeable Head)

The Mountz TBIH is a small torque wrench ideal for applications with limited space. Torque range suitable for micro, low, and medium torque applications.

Preset wrenches are ideal for fastening applications where operators repeatedly assemble parts at the same torque setting and ensure that the correct torque value is consistently applied to each fastener by reducing the risk of the operator tampering with settings.

The TBIH wrench breaks over once it achieves its preset torque setting, signaling the operator to stop applying torque to the fastener or bolt. The wrench improves the fastening process by reducing either over or under-tightening risk.

The flexible preset wrench can adapt to different fastening applications as it is compatible with varying head options like an open end, box end, flare end, hex key end, or a ratchet head.

Head interchangeability is intended for use during recalibration to allow reconfiguring tools for different applications. They are not intended to be interchanged as a normal part of a manufacturing process.

If you need a break-over tool that is ESD safe or a higher torque range, see the Mountz TBX break-over wrench.

NOTE: Due to branding changes TBIH wrenches may be shipped with varying engraving designs during our update process. This change does not impact product functionality.

Safeguarding Against Fastening Failures

  • Torque limiting wrench improves control of the tightening process and reduces the risk of over and under-tightening
  • The preset wrench ensures that the correct torque value is consistently applied to each fastener by reducing the risk of operator tampering with settings
  • The break-over mechanism provides a visual indicator of achieving torque setting, improving productivity
  • Interchangeable end fitting design—selectable head types and sizes


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Remove the end cap and turn the adjustment screw with the 3/16” Hex Key to adjust the torque setting. Then verify the torque output with a torque analyzer.