TBIH Break-Over Wrenches

The TBIH is a small torque wrench ideal for applications with limited space. The flexible preset wrench can adapt to different fastening applications as it is compatible with different head options like open end, box end, flare end, hex key end or a ratchet head. The slim wrench features a tamper-proof internal adjustment. When the TBIH torque wrench achieves torque, the head breaks-over signaling to the operator to stop applying torque to the fastener or bolt. Break-over torque wrenches improve control of the fastening process by reducing the risk of both over and under tightening.


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Note! Torque is easily adjusted by removing the cap and turning the adjustment screw with the 3/16” Hex Key (supplied). Then verify torque output using a torque analyzer.
  • Torque ranges from 25 ozf.in to 50 lbf.in.
  • The break-over mechanism minimizes shock to assemblies.
  • Tamper-proof internal adjustment. No external adjustment scale - must be preset using a torque analyzer.
  • "Breaks-over" when preset torque is reached eliminating overtorquing.
  • Six different colored aluminum handles allow for color-coding of specific torque values in production areas.
  • Small and lightweight. Ideal for use in restricted spaces.
  • Interchangeable heads are manufactured with a common centerline so the torque setting remains the same when head sizes are changed.

The preferred and certified ranges of these tools is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 6789 (+/- 6% of indicated setting).

First select the model (handle color and torque range) Then select a head. The flexible TBIH wrench can adapt to a variety interchangeable head fittings.
  • Open End Head
  • Box End Head
  • Hex Key Head
  • Flare End Head
  • Ratchet Head