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Reduce the Risk of Bolting Failures with a Break-Over Torque Wrench


Break-over wrenches improve control of the bolting process by reducing the risk of both over and under-tightening. Upon reaching the preset torque value, the tool "breaks" at a specific point along the tool's shaft — usually at a pivot point near the tool's head. The unique break-over mechanism provides an operator ample time to react once the target torque is reached and to stop applying any additional force to the fastener.

The MTBN break-over wrench is a preset production torque wrench with flexibility to change to a different head option once a long-term production project is finished or modified. A preset torque wrench is similar to a person setting an alarm clock to signal the achievement of a selected time. The torque wrench is pre-set to the required torque value of the application and then the tool signals the operator when torque is achieved.

The compact and well-balanced MTBN features a tamper-proof internal torque adjustment setting. There is no external adjustment scale, so the wrench must be preset using a torque tester. Designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the accuracy and repeatability requirements of ISO6789: 2003, Mountz offers various MTBN wrench models covering a torque range of 1.8 inch-pounds up to 147 foot-pounds.

Using a quality torque wrench makes a safer world through accuracy and precision. Controlling torque is essential for companies to ensure their product's quality, safety and reliability isn't compromised. The failure of a three-cent fastener that isn't properly tightened can lead to catastrophic or latent failures. Fasteners that are insufficiently fastened can vibrate loose and excessive torque can strip threaded fasteners.

If you have questions about selecting the correct torque wrench for your assembly application, contact us we are happy to assist!

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