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Small Torque Wrench - Flexible to Change Head Configurations


TBIH Small Torque Wrench from Mountz

The TBIH is a small torque wrench ideal for applications with limited space. The flexible preset wrench can be used for a variety of applications with the ability to change head configurations including:

  • Open
  • Box
  • Flare
  • Hex key
  • Ratchet head.

When the TBIH torque wrench achieves torque, the head breaks-over signaling to the operator to stop applying torque to the fastener or bolt.

Break-Over Small Torque Wrenches Limit Applied Torque

Break-over torque wrenches are essential to limiting the amount of torque applied to an assembly or fastening. Break-over torque wrenches, typically deflect 20-90 degrees on torque delivery, thus indicating torque has been reached. Many break-over wrenches require manual resetting, while others have an automatic resetting feature.

The slim TBIH torque wrench is a pre-set tool that offers a tamper-proof internal torque adjustment setting. There is no external adjustment scale, so the wrench must be preset using a torque tester. Small and lightweight, the TBIH wrench is ideal for applications with limited space.

Mountz offers various TBIH torque wrench models covering a torque range of 25 inch-ounces up to 50 inch-pounds. Contact us to speak with a representative for more information on our small torque wrenches.

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