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Torque Arm Automatically Glides Downward


The ergonomic torque arms by Mountz eliminate torque reaction from both power and pneumatic assembly tools. With the EZ-Glider linear and articulated torque arms, a "downward assistant kit" can be installed on the arm to speed up and improve the production process. The system requires no effort from the operator to press downward on the power tool. An assembly operator simply guides the power tool and the cylinder automatically glides the torque tool downward. These kits are ideal for self-tapping applications, as well as other fastening applications.

Day after day, an assembly operator performs hundreds and hundreds of repetitive fastening rundowns. Over time, the repetitive assembly process will expose your operators to potential injuries. The goal for manufacturers must be to protect the operator from any potential injury and make them feel comfortable and secure in operating an assembly tool. An ergonomic mindset helps to ensure safer conditions. Torque reaction arms are an ergonomic solution designed to reduce RMI (repetitive motion injury) and CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome).

The EZ-Glider torque arms are designed to improve production and safety during the assembly process. Securely keeping an electric or pneumatic driver in alignment with the fastener, the torque arm prevents cross-threading occurring during the assembly process. These tool support systems help remove the operators' influence during the fastening process and strengthens quality control.

Linear Torque Arms
Built for ergonomic support, the linear style arm maneuvers smoothly as it absorbs any torque reaction from the assembly tool to the operator. The fluid movement increases precision and production for a variety of torque applications.

Articulated Torque Arms
This torque arm provides smooth flexible 360° range allowing quick rundown of multiple fasteners on an application. With the ability to bend like an elbow, the arm provides the agility to position the tool in a variety of positions for different applications. The economical arm can adapt for a variety of different tools (pistol grip, angle nutrunners, inline electric & pneumatic screwdrivers) by simply switching the tool clamp.

When budgeting or purchasing a power tool for an assembly station, an ergonomic torque arm shouldn't be viewed as an additional cost. It's a preventive expense. A necessary action to prevent additional risks and costs from incurring in the near future.

Using an ergonomic torque arm makes a safer world through accuracy and precision. Need assistance with selecting the proper ergonomic torque arm solution? We are happy to assist, contact us.

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