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Torque Control and Safety for High-Volume Production Applications



For industrial assembly operations, accurate fastening and productivity go hand-in-hand. The application of accurate and consistent torque on high-volume production applications is crucial to efficient assembly.

Accurate and consistent torque control reduces warranty claims and production costs, improves productivity and minimizes production line downtime for manufacturers.

Problem: Repetitive stress injuries and fatigue effecting operators.
Solutions: Torque Arms that reduce RMI (Repetitive Motion Injury) and CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) while boosting production. Electric and pneumatic screwdrivers designed with ergonomic and soft grips for optimum operator comfort.

Problem: High noise levels in the working environment.
Solution: Assembly tools designed with low noise output. Hybrid Torque Control System or BF-Series Screwdriver - brushless motor design provide low noise output. Flex Power air screwdrivers provide safe operation with reduced noise, vibration and low torque reaction.

Problem: Damage to plastic threads and delicate components.
Solution:SS-Series and BF-Series soft-stop feature reduces the shock levels transmitted to delicate joints during the tightening cycle.

Problem: Continuous maintenance and high costs for servicing assembly tools.
Solution: Tools designed to last for many years with low service and maintenance costs. Designed for high production environments, the Hybrid Torque Control System or E-DRIV BF-Series feature a high performance brushless motor design that provides durability and reduces the standard maintenance costs for electric screwdrivers.

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