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Torque Measuring with a Dial Wrench


A dial torque wrench from Mountz is a reliable way to ensure your torque needs are being met. These measuring tools can be used as an assembly tool, but are best used as a quality control instrument to verify or monitor torque. For torque auditing and measurement applications, a dial wrench is alternative solution to a digital wrench for performing a quick visual torque verification test.

The Mountz dial wrench is often used for joint testing, auditing or verification of applied torque. The dial torque wrench captures the finishing torque applied to a fastener with a simple memory pointer system that clearly shows when peak torque is achieved. A mechanical stop provides overload protection up to 125% of full-scale.

The wrench is designed with a recessed dial, which minimizes damage to the dial display. With a handle made from lightweight aluminum and a durable scuff-resistant finish, these dial wrenches will provide many years of reliable service. These tools are non-length dependent and will measure the correct torque where ever it is held along its handle.

Maintain a high-level of quality in your production by adding the Mountz dial torque wrench to your quality control process. Find the right dial wrench model for your needs.

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