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Torque Calibration and Repairs


Mountz Service Locations

Please fill out a “Service Form” and include a copy when you send the tools in to be serviced.

Fill out service form and include it in the package when shipping the tool to a service center.

Eastern Service Center

Eastern Service Center
Contact: Kaylen Ewing

19051 Underwood Rd.
Foley, AL 36535
Phone: (251) 943-4125
Fax: (251) 943-4979

  Western Service Center

Western Service Center
Contact: James Bassett

1080 N.11th Street
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: (408) 207-4320
Fax: (408) 292-2733



Note for Mexico Service:
For our valuable customer's located in Mexico you can send items for service or calibration to either our Eastern or Western Service Centers. Please include one of the the service form when sending items to one of our service centers.

Mountz Preferred Service Program
When tools need to be pulled from the production line for service, different factors can cause delays such as paperwork, quotes, approvals, and turnaround times. Repeating this process for every tool can quickly become costly, tedious, and time-consuming. We can help you reduce costs and delays and get tools back on-line as quickly as possible.

Introducing a new option to streamline the Service process. The Mountz Preferred Service Program offers a simple Blanket PO program with no obligations, allowing tools to be serviced quicker, cheaper, and easier for you.

Key Benefits

  • Improves turnaround times 
  • Priority scheduling of your items.
  • Blanket PO can be any amount.
  • It's not a service contract. Nothing is billed until items are sent to Mountz for service. If you don't send the items, you pay  nothing. No obligation.
  • Calibrations billed at time of service (flat rate per price list). Repairs are quoted for approval prior to work.
  • Mountz will track all amounts billed against the blanket to ensure funds are available. Mountz will contact you to renew or add funds as needed.
  • Blanket can be cancelled any time or will be closed once funds are used, or you can elect to extend additional funds to the blanket.
  • Shorten lead times on tools for calibration and repair services at no extra cost.
  • Reduce your effort and time spent with generating paperwork (one PO for all service items)

Contact us at 1-888-925-2763 and ask about our new Preferred Service Program

Mountz Inc. features an experienced calibration and repair staff. Our trained technicians can calibrate and repair most any tool. Mountz provides rapid service with quality that you can trust as we offer two state-of-the-art calibration lab and repair facilities that can calibrate up to 20,000 lbf.ft.

Since 1965, Mountz Inc. has proven in-depth knowledge of torque is reflected in our tool’s craftsmanship and our ability to provide solutions to both common and uncommon torque applications. We perform calibrations in accordance with ANSI/NCSL-Z540. Mountz is dedicated solely to the manufacturing, marketing and servicing of high quality torque tools.

Establish a Calibration Program Calibration is fine-tuning the torque control process in a production environment. Calibration should be checked periodically to determine whether torque tools are operating at their proper settings. Many tools don't have a locking device, and users may easily change their torque settings. When this happens, the tool falls out of adjustment.

A regularly scheduled calibration program enables quality control personnel to correct divergence from proper settings, whether it's because of normal slippage over time or because of adjustments to the tool. Begin by setting a calibration interval initially based on severity of the application and the tool manufacturer's recommendations. If the applied torque values are out of range, cut the calibration interval in half and re-test the tools.

Preventive Maintenance To maintain consistent accuracy, torque tools must be checked periodically for wear or defective parts. A properly structured preventive maintenance program optimizes tool performance and reduces unexpected downtime, thereby saving time and money in the long run.

Monitoring the number of cycles per day and total hours that a tool is used is the most accurate way to establish proper maintenance intervals. It is recommended that tools be serviced after 100,000 cycles, or if an inspection reveals old or dry grease, parts that show signs of excessive wear, or loose screws and bolts.

             Tool Service & Repair Capability

  • Torque Wrench Calibration: Click Wrench, Dial Torque Wrench, Beam Wrench, Cam-Over & Break-Over Wrench
  • Torque Screwdrivers: Dial, Micrometer, Preset & Adjustable
  • Torque Analyzers/Sensors: All brands
  • Electric Screwdrivers: All brands
  • Air Tools: All brands Impact Wrenches, Drills, Pulse Tools, Grinders, Percussive Tools, Air Screwdrivers, Nutrunners, DC Controlled Nutrunners
  • Torque Multipliers: All brands

             Tool Services

  • Our calibration standards are traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).
  • Mountz factory service provides current upgrades for all digital torque analyzers at time of service.
  • Our calibration labs can calibrate up to 20,000 lbf.ft
  • Our standard service provides a turnaround time of 5 working days from the time we receive the tool. A 48-hour rush service is available, at an additional charge, for your urgent repair or calibration needs.


In order to maintain accuracy, it is crucial that torque control measuring equipment be calibrated regularly.

We recommend a general six (6) month calibration interval. However, it is the user’s organization that must determine suitable intervals based upon equipment performance, application, degree of usage and management objectives.

All calibration certificates from Mountz are issued with a 6-month interval and due date unless otherwise specified at time of order.