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Torque Conversion Calculator

The Mountz torque calculator allows you to convert torque measurement from one type of unit measurement to another. Torque is twisting force that tends to cause rotation. We measure torque by multiplying two factors—amount of force applied and distance from the point of application. For this reason, the torque amount is written in units of force and distance, like 15 lbf.ft torque measurements in ounces and inches will be smaller than those in feet and pounds or yards and tons.

Use our calculator to easily convert units from one torque measurement scale to another. Units can be converted in measurement size, such as from ozf.in to lbf.ft, from one measuring system to another, such as from ozf.in to kgf.cm, or from some combination. Bookmark this page as your torque calculator resource.

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International Torque Measuring Systems

ozf.in - ounce force inch (referred as inch-ounces)
lbf.in - pound force inch (referred as inch-pounds)
lbf.ft - pound force foot (referred as foot-pounds)
International Standard - S.I.
mN.m - milli Newton meter
cN.m - centi- Newton meter
N.m - Newton meter
gf.cm - gram force centimeter
kgf.cm - kilogram force centimeter
kgf.m - kilogram force meter

Need Help Finding the Right Torque Tool?

Try our interactive torque tool selector. Simply select your application and requirements, and we'll show you the right tools for the job!  For more information, feel free to contact us.