EZ-TorQ III 10i Torque Analyzer

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The EZ-TorQ III 10i torque tester makes torque control easier and more available across every aspect of the line from th READ MORE

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EZ-TorQ III 10i
Item #:
Drive Size:
17mm F/Hex
1 - 10 lbf.in
11.3 - 113 cN.m
1.2 - 11.5 kgf.cm
Tool Weight:
3.3 lbs.
Tool Length:
Tool Width:
Tool Height:
Cal Cert Options Data Set:
Supplied with a Free ISO 17025 Certification of Calibration
The EZ-TorQ III 10i torque tester makes torque control easier and more available across every aspect of the line from the calibration lab to the assembly station. Highly portable and user-friendly, this battery-powered torque validation hub can be easily carried around the assembly line to spot check tools as part of a QA program or used at assembly stations for quick and easy torque tool validation and calibration. The new smartphone like touch-screen interface breaks down barriers and ensures quick and easy torque tool validation and calibration. EZ-TorQ digital torque tester features a built-in transducer. The easy-to-use torque analyzer features a built-in battery and is ideal for all small hand tools & non-impacting power tools. 

Download and read our white paper: Torque Verification Process of Power Tools

Accuracy ± 0.5% of reading from 20% to 100%
Accuracy ± 1% of reading from 10% to 20%



  • Mounting Bracket: Keep your torque analyzer mounted in one place to prevent drops and optimize torque measurement performance.

Power Tool Calibration:

  • Screw Run Down Adapters: These run down adapters are designed only for use with the EZ-TorQ analyzer. These units provide consistent and reliable torque readings when measuring power-driven torque control tools. The RDA reduces the impact and irregular peaks that cause poor repeatability. The run-down adapter is mounted in-line between the tool drive and the transducer.

Analyzer Maintenance and Calibration:

Maintain and calibrate your tools on-site by purchasing calibration equipment to use in-house.The organization that owns the tool must determine a suitable calibration frequency that meets their needs based on equipment performance history, application, degree of usage, and management objectives. For most organizations, we recommend 6-month or 12-month calibration intervals.

  • Calibration Wheels: Engineered for calibrating torque analyzers and sensors and ensuring instruments are traceable to National or International Standards, such as N.I.S.T and ISO.
  • Calibration Hangers and Weights: Calibrated Dead Weights are the official means by which torque analyzers and torque sensors are calibrated and are traced to National or International Standards, such as N.I.S.T and ISO.

Replacement Parts:

    Torque Verification & Calibration:

    • Quick and easy-to-use torque analyzer to verify a tool’s performance on the assembly line or calibrate tools in a lab environment. Ensure proper torque is being applied and tools maintain conformity with quality standards.
    • Portable torque tester allows for use anywhere in a manufacturing facility.
    • Calibrate and test manual small screwdrivers, wrenches, and power tools. When testing power tools, operators must use a run-down adapter to prevent damage to the analyzer.

    Data Collection and Analysis:

    • Document and create a historical record of your torque readings. Create, capture, analyze, and store data with Mountz EZ-TorQ III Data Streamer software.
    • Data point storage with swappable SD card memory card.

    User Experience:

    • Vivid full color, touchscreen interface for fast and easy operator onboarding and usage.
    • Selection of six operating modes: (Track, Peak, First Peak) and seven torque units.
    • Multi-language operation settings (English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or Portuguese).

    Mountz Quality Standards:

    • Built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery allows for 30 hours of normal use to keep your analyzer on the production floor longer.
    • ISO 17025 calibration certificate included with purchase.
Each model includes a case, universal charger, 1/4” female/hex square drive adapter, and two screw run down adapters (Screw RDA - M2 and Screw RDA - M3).

Features a built-in Li-ion rechargeable battery. Download battery safety document.