MSP-1070 Screw Presenter

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The MSP-1070 is a small, tabletop screw presenter used to automate and organize assembly areas and production lines. The READ MORE


Item #:
Tool Weight:
9.05 lbs.
Tool Length:
Tool Width:
Tool Height:
Screw Max. Head Diameter "D":
Screw Dia Adjust Capacity "d":
M3.0 - M6.5
Screw Max Head Height "t":
Screw Max Length "L":
The MSP-1070 is a small, tabletop screw presenter used to automate and organize assembly areas and production lines. The screw presenter makes assemblers and the manufacturing process more efficient by mechanically presenting a screw to a fixed pick-up point. Conventional manufacturing methods cause assemblers to inefficiently fumble with screws that are stored in bins or shaker trays. The enhancement of productivity is estimated to improve assembly time by nearly fifty percent. The inexpensive screw dispenser is an alternative production aid instead of the cumbersome and costly screwfeeder systems.

    Automatic Screw Dispensing:

    • Screws are poured into the hopper of the screw presenter, where they are automatically lined up for dispensing, ensuring a continuous workflow without interruptions.

    Jam-Free Operation:

    • Bid farewell to the frustrations of jammed or stuck screws. Our screw presenter boasts a simple yet effective mechanism that ensures trouble-free operation, keeping the assembly process smooth and uninterrupted.

    Smooth Screw Supply:

    • Adjustable vibration and speed settings enable the smooth supply of screws, ensuring precise and consistent assembly results.

    Cost-Effective Alternative:

    • Unlike cumbersome and expensive screw feeder systems, our screw presenter offers a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on performance.

    Fully Adjustable Models:

    • Our screw presenters are fully adjustable, accommodating a wide range of screw sizes without the need for additional rails. This flexibility saves both time and resources, enhancing overall efficiency.

    Magnetized Bit Compatibility:

    • With a magnetized bit, operators effortlessly pick up screws from the presenter screw guide, eliminating the need to fumble with screws stored in bins or shaker trays.

    Compact and Maintenance-Free:

    • Designed to fit seamlessly into any work environment, our compact system offers easy accessibility and virtually maintenance-free operation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity..

    Screw Presenter Set-Up Service:

    • Mountz offers the service to set and adjust the screw presenter for the fasteners to be used with it the device for a service fee (item # 990050). You will need to ship 50 pieces of the fastener as a sample to our Alabama service center so the technician can adjust and set the screw presenter.
Screw Presenter requires the use of magnetized bit with the power tool.

Need assistance with selecting a screw presenter for your fastening application? Download our selection guide  and submit with your request.