The screw dispenser is a high precision yet inexpensive table top screw-feeder designed to enhance productivity. Instead of an operator picking-up screws for the assembly process, screws are placed into the hopper of screw presenter and dispensed for pick-up by assembly tool. The compact system can fit into any work environment for easy accessibility and provides virtually maintenance-free operation.


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Screw Presenter requires the use of magnetized bit with the power tool. Need assistance with selecting a screw presenter for your fastening application? Download our selection guide and submit with your request.
  • Screws are poured into the hopper of the Surefeedand automatically lined up for dispensing.
  • This simple mechanism allows trouble-free operation, eliminating jammed or stuck screws.
  • The unique up and down screw hopper feeds screws efficiently to the screw-feeding rail and the photosensors prevent screws from jamming or sticking.
  • Pick up rate of up to two screws per second.
  • The versatile unit can easily change to another screw by simply changing the screw-feeding rail. It can feed sems, w-sems, washer-head, and flat head screws.
  • HSF models feature an ultra-slim and compact design (55mm or 2 1/8” wide) for efficient use of small workstations.