Tool Balancers: Protecting Workers and Increasing Productivity

Mountz tool balancers give your workers a hand by holding onto their tool for them. This decreases the number of motions they need for each screw, allowing them to work more quickly and efficiently. Tool balancers also help workers avoid fatigue which can lead to low productivity, mistakes, and injuries. As such, Mountz tool balancers offer great value for manufacturers—for a low cost, you can improve safety, productivity, and reliability in your workplace.

Zero Gravity Tool Balancers

Designed to provide gravity defying - “true balance”. This tool balancer comes in a variety of models that can handle tools anywhere from large and heavy to small and light. Weight capacity ranges of (1.1-264 lbs)

Retractor Tool Balancers

This style balancer is the most commonly used balancer. The tension of this lightweight balancer can easily be adjusted by hand with the adjustment knob on the side. Weight capacity ranges of (1.1-11 lbs)

Air Hose Reel Tool Balancers

These durable hose reel balancers are designed for small pneumatic tools. Integrating the air hose and support cable helps keep the work area clean. Weight capacity ranges of (1.1-11 lbs)

Tool Positioner Balancer

This small, lightweight balancing tool allows the operator to set the desired tension rate by a simple rotation in the slotted shaft. Weight capacity ranges of (1.1-12 lbs)