Screw Counters

To pass regulatory inspections, analyze production data, and maintain a high level of process assurance, manufacturers need to be able to see what happens to every fastener. Mountz screw counters provide documentation for compliance, data for analysis, and real-time error-proofing for gold-standard quality control. This helps improve your bottom line by shrinking your rate of lost product and eliminating expensive rework, recalls, and regulatory sanctions. For detailed insight into your production line, consider a Mountz screw counter.


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The Scout can be powered by an ET-30D, FT-30D, STC30 Plus, STC40, HTC-35 and YFC-35D or via external power, SMPS adapter 24VDC, 1A. It only operates with these transformers and can be used with most Mountz electric screwdrivers.

Software Download

If your Scout II firmware is not v1.40, contact us for the software or for any technical support needs.