Screw Counters

The screw counting process ensures that all screws are accounted for during the assembly process. Fastener tracking devices, like the Scout screw counter, count the number of screws delivered and detect and display fastening errors such as cross-threading, cam-outs, stripped screws, omissions, and unfinished rundowns.

Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Costs:

By detecting and eliminating costly screw-fastening errors, the Mountz screw counter helps you optimize efficiency and minimize expenses. Experience fewer lost products, reduced rework, and avoid expensive recalls and regulatory sanctions.

For unparalleled precision, efficiency, and peace of mind in your production line, choose the Mountz screw counter. Add this error-prevention device to your electric screwdriver system.


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The Scout can be powered by an ET-30D, FT-30D, STC30 Plus, STC40, HTC-35 and YFC-35D or via external power, SMPS adapter 24VDC, 1A. It only operates with these transformers and can be used with most Mountz electric screwdrivers.

Software Download

If your Scout II firmware is not v1.40, contact us for the software or for any technical support needs.