RTSX Rotary Torque Sensors

The Rotary Torque Sensor is the ideal torque-auditing tool for testing the actual torque being applied on the assembly application. By connecting a rotary torque sensor between an electric or pneumatic tool and assembly application, you can monitor the torque being applied from the tool to fastener or bolt.


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This is the stand alone accuracy statement for the RTSX torque sensor. When the torque sensor is coupled with a Mountz torque analyzer, there is a system accuracy. Review the system accuracy listed with each torque analyzer (PTT or LTT). WARNING! Not recommended for impact wrenches.
  • Use torque sensor with most hand tools, power tools or rotational measurement applications.
  • Connects between the power tool and the joint. Monitors actual torque being applied from the driver to the fastener.
  • Features ARC II technology, an instant auto-recognition system of the RTSX connected to the PTT and LTT.
  • Bi-directional.

Accuracy ± .25% of full scale

Torque Analyzers
  • PTT
  • LTT

    Cables for connecting RTSX to Torque Analyzers
  • PTT
  • LTT