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Calibration Equipment

Torque calibration equipment is the official means by which torque testers and torque sensors are calibrated and are traceable to National or International Standards, such as N.I.S.T, ISO and others.

A dead weight system is used to calibrate torque testers and torque sensors. A loading bench is a laboratory grade instrument that assures accurate torque wrench calibration, independent of human influence or transducer side and end load factors. Calibration Hex Step Adapters allow multiple size torque wrenches to be used with one adapter for a torque wrench calibration.

Calibration Hex Step Adapters

Allows multiple size wrenches to be used with one adapter.

Calibration Test Equipment

Calibrated Dead Weights are the official means by which torque analyzers and sensors are traced to NIST, ISO and others

Loading Bench

Designed for torque wrench calibration
Maximum Torque Range: 2000 lbf.ft