NFA-Series Robotic Electric Screwdrivers

Engineered for automation and robotic torque applications, the NFA-Series robotic electric screwdrivers feature a high performance brushless motor design that provide durability and reduce the common maintenance costs associated brush type electric screwdrivers. The durable automation tools deliver reliability and precision torque control at every turn. The assembly automation tools ensures accuracy with a precision automatic shut-off clutch once the preset torque is achieved in the fastening process. The NFA tools are ESD safe, ensuring less than 1 Ohm at the bit tip. ESD management in power tools ensures product quality, cost savings and a reduction in overall ESD failures. Engineers involved with microelectronic products are aware of the importance of controlling Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) failures. Lapses in preventing the occurrence of electrostatic discharge can affect production yields, manufacturing costs, product quality & reliability, reputation and profitability.


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Requires STC40-FA transformer (power supply).