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Making a Safer World Through Accuracy and Precision

TorqueMate® PTT-Series Torque Meter

TorqueMate® PTT-Series Torque Meter
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The PTT torque meter makes quality documentation faster and easier. As an advanced torque controlling, monitoring and documentation solution, the torque analyzer enables operators and engineers to ensure product quality, safety and reliability promptly in a variety of manufacturing environments. The portable torque meters are designed for measuring torque, torque calibration, joint testing, auditing or force and load measurement. The failure of a three-cent fastener that isn’t properly tightened can lead to catastrophic or latent failures. Using a quality torque tester makes a safer world through accuracy and precision.

System Accuracy ± 0.5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale
System Accuracy ± 1% of reading from 10% to 20% of full scale 

  Perform Torque Tests & Torque Calibrations with a Torque Meter
  • Recommended for all hand screwdrivers, wrenches or power tools.
  • Provides “EZ-Plug & Play” with Mountz torque sensors. Features “ARCII” technology, an instant auto-recognition system of the torque sensor connected to the PTT.
  • Torque Meters operate with torque & force sensors
  • Selection of six operating modes: (Track, Peak, First Peak, Audit, Spindle Audit and Torque + Angle).
  • Seven units of torque measurements: (,, lbf.ft, cN.m, N.m, kgf.m, Two units of force measurements: (lbf and kN)
  • Features built-in Tool Tests operation
  • Store a total of 5,000 data points
  • Real time clock for time stamping of readings. USB interface to download readings to PC
  • Real time graph of torque vs. time using associated PC Windows software
  • Features Go / No Go LEDs that illuminate when high or low setting is achieved


Model Item #
PTT-2000 072999
EZ Plug & Play CE RoHS


  • Easy to use menu structure, a six-digit display and connect to an external torque sensor
  • High Capacity Li-Ion Batteries for long life (30 hrs with standard transducers and 16 hrs with brushless rotary sesnor)
  • Torque Meters can connect to most mv/v transducers and can store calibration data for up to 50 non smart torque & force sensors
  • The 5VDC capability allows unit to be used with a Brushless rotary torque sensor for testing pulse tools and high RPM tools
  • Torque and Angle data is displayed simultaneously when used with torque & angle torque sensors, up to 8000 RPM for angle measurement
  • Display accuracy is better than +/- 0.0625 of reading
  • Five low-pass filter selections (3000, 2000, 1500, 500 and 200 Hz)
  • “Flash" memory allows upgrades to be done by the user in the field & internet through the USB port

Cable Chart

Cables for PTT when connecting Torque Sensors

If a torque sensor will be connected to the TorqueMate PTT torque meter, please select the appropriate cable. 

Torque Sensor  Item #
RTSX-A 072000
All BLRTSX models 072001
BMX 072002
MTX 072003
SDX 072004
RTSX 072005



Three PC Windows based software programs:

  • Mountz Torque Meter Interface Program - for sensor calibrations, meter calibration and tool tests.
  • Torque Meter Bootloader - for updating the PTT operating systems.
  • "Excel Add-In" - for Real-Time data collection into an Excel spreadsheet. It also provides statistics calculations.

Data Sheet, Manual & Drawing


Accessories Included

Description Item #
Universal Charger (100-240 VAC) 770301
USB Cable 770319
Case 072509
Battery 072506

Accessories Optional